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Emergency Plumbing

Emergency Plumbing

When you have a plumbing emergency time is not necessarily going to be on your side. If you have a broken pipe that is leaking water into your home the first thing that you should try and do is cut the water flow. The second thing that you should do is give us a call! We want to remind you that we are based in Hereford, but we provide our services to the entire north of Maryland. There are many different types of emergencies and we want to make sure that you say safe in all of them!

What We Need To Know When You Give Us A Call  

When we are faced with these types of emergencies we are going to need some information from you. The first thing that we are going to ask you to do is try and calm down. Yes, we know this is easier said than done. When you have an emergency that involves your gas-powered heater or a broken pipe we are going to give you specific instructions to make sure that you are able to stay safe. Just as a general rule if you are not qualified to work with this type of equipment the best that you can do is wait until we arrive!

Should I Start Getting My Furniture Onto The Street? 

When we are talking about a broken or getting backflow if you have the chance to make sure that your furniture does not get wet, then you really should take it. A lot of the backlash so to speak that people face when they have a broken pipe or a leak of any kind is the ruined carpets and furniture that it is usually going to leave behind. So, again if you feel that you can get your furniture to safety then go ahead and do so!

What To Do In The Case of A Gas Leak

This by far one of the worst kinds of emergencies. What we could recommend is that you call 9-1-1 and get the area cleared out. Even trying to stop the gas flow on your own in certain cases can be dangerous. Once you have covered that, then you can give us a call and we can find a solution to that problem quickly. Whether it be to replace your water heater or fix the existing one. We know that this may seem like a give, but we really don’t recommend that you try too many extra things when you have this type of issue!

Response Time     

Our emergency line is always open. So, don’t hesitate to call or contact us at any time during the day or night. We will make our way to your location as quickly as we can. As we have mentioned we provide our services to the entire north of Maryland. If you have a gas leak issue and you want to play it extra safe call 9-1-1 by all means.